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We are a fan of Horse Coaching.

Like Winston Churchill, we believe that "the horse has a beneficial influence on the inside of man".

Horses, with their great sensitivity, accompany people as a mirror, mediator and support. As preys, horses decrypt the attitudes like so many signals of communication and appear like real revealers.

Individually or in a team, Horse Coaching is suitable for everyone.

  • The work is done on foot: it requires no equestrian knowledge.

  • Each session includes times with the horse and verbalization times.

  • As we work with horses outdoors, plan appropriate clothing.


Setting and facilities

  • In the middle of nature in an area of 8 hectares.

  • The work with the horses is done in the meadow, in the paddock, in the quarry and sometimes in the stables.

  • The verbalization time takes place outdoors or in the meeting room, equipped with a screen, a video projector, an Apple TV and all the necessary for breaks.

  • For your arrivals the day before or your events on 2 days, we welcome you in the 5 rooms of the site.

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