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VitaPro: boost your personal development



To stay on top of your form, expand your skills and not let old sayings become true.

  • Willing to professionalize your internal trainers?

  • Joining a training team?

  • Your internal customers are challenging you and asking for innovation?

  • A need for training in L&D?

To build your knowledge and help you succeed in your new challenge (and its evolution), we support you in:

  • Strategic watch on L&D trends

  • Training the Trainers

  • On-the-job learning and support in your new function

Our sparkles
For phygital learning to become reality
What the participants say:
  • "Super day rich in learning with a lot of interaction and humanity"
  • "Thank you for this discovery that will boost our learning solutions"
  • "Pedagogical, interactive, fun and clear"
  • "Great job as well on the bottom (huge work of clarification of the subject) as on the form. Bravo! "
  • "I learned a lot without realizing it"
For efficient webinars
What the participants say:
  • "Very positive, precise, reassuring. Congratulations and thank you !! "
  • "Very participative activities, very good facilitation and very good pedagogy"
  • "I'm amazed to have made so much progress in 2 days"
  • "Good balance between preparation and training: the good rhythm and the good posture"
  • "Quick and effective practice"
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